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The Entry Level Cisco Certification consists of a Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Certification. CCT in itself consists of Data Center and Routing and Switching. These Certifications will provide skills needed at the entry level, hence filling up operating and supporting positions. Candidates will be able to diagnose, repair, restore, and troubleshoot Cisco systems and devices. The Cisco Entry Level Certification consist of CCT Data Center and CCT Data Center. 

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There are many road traffic control solutions that can be deployed on the roads. This could be on a construction site, accident, community event, tree removal, road surfacing, traffic congestion – or anything else that could cause danger or disruption to a vehicle or pedestrian. Thus, traffic control involves directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic around an  accident or other road disruption, hence ensuring the safety of emergency response teams, and the general public.

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A qualifying learner at this level will be a well-rounded IT professional with solid foundational technical skills. The qualification is designed to: Provide qualified learners with an undergraduate entry into the field of networking/systems support, earning credits towards tertiary offerings in the fields of Computer Studies or Computer Science and Prepare qualified learners for initial employment in the computer industry.

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